Nieuw werk

Continuous work in progress (Dat Wat Overblijft)

*Continuous work in progress (*Dat Wat Overblijft)

Nieuw Werk
*Continuous work in progress (*Dat Wat Overblijft)
Acrylic, plastic, linen; 40*50 cm.
September 2021

*I feel like I’m in a continuous work in progress.

What interests me is the process (the act) of painting, the origin of a painting, its emergence and subsequent inherent meaning.

I’m focused on the use of color, handwriting, coincidence, and the artefact of painting. Fundamental, yet spiritual. I’ve always considered my paintings as objects. Archetypes of paintings. They don’t tell a story, they are the story. Waiting for what we call ‘inspiration’ can take hours, months, or (in my case) years, but when it comes one has to grab it. To me, the act of painting is a performance, and the painting, whatever that is, is the final report. Not the goal but That What Remains.

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