Still life

I started making these pictures with my iPhone while working from home. Later I also used my Nikon. They are actually photos taken intuitively in a classic still life setup. My wife regularly gets flowers from the field and puts them in a vase, found on the street or from the junk shop. In an unguarded moment, I cleared a place to take a picture of it. I also often take photos of everyday objects that I view with the eye of a seventeenth-century painter.

Photos can be delivered in different sizes and printed on different materials. Simple prints on canvas or aluminium are perfect for gift, or as decoration for your living room, your office or any other space. Should you have special requirements, let me know.

High quality prints (museum quality) are more expensive and can be ordered by sending me an email. I will get back to you on the required specifications, framing and terms of delivery.

Keep an eye on this site, more products will be added over time!


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