La Collection – 1993

This is a piece I recently recovered from the attic. It was part of the exhibition ‘La Collection’ at the Artothèque in Nîmes, France in 1993.

There were about 52 different prints, each describing a piece of art and all framed in a wooden frame of 50*40 cm and arranged in the search racks of the former ‘Artothèque de Nîmes’.

Another complete set of these prints was presented in a custom made flight case, ready to ‘take away’. This flight case has mysteriously disappeared, after a presentation in the ‘Drawing Room’ gallery in Amsterdam in 1993.

Today such a print looks very simple. But I remember it took me quite a bit of effort to get these texts printed at the middle of the paper, postcard size, with a continuous-paper dot-matrix printer and WordPerfect 5.1, back in 1992.  

1993: Untitled (pencil on paper); 10*15 cm (40*50 cm); computer dot matrix print on paper. Part of ‘La Collection’, 52 prints.

One of 52 prints.

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