80 Blots

Ecoline on paper, 70*100 cm.

80 Blots

From August 13 to September 13 2021 I worked on this piece: 80 blots in Prussian Blue nr 508. Every day I added one or more blots. A smudge or a stain, created by using a page of my little sketch book as a kind of brush.

This piece is solidified time. It has a conceptual, or fundamental base: ‘take a sketch book and a large piece of paper, a bottle of ink and make a drawing each day until you run out of sheets’. Where sheets are the pages of one sketch book. This sketch book has 80 sheets, hence the title: 80 blots.

Result is the sum of all those moments and thus represents time. Stacked time. Captured time. So this is the spiritual base of the work: it’s history and present at the same moment. It connects the viewer to what has been. Like any organic life form.

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